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National Research Council

Institute of Agro-Environmental and Forest Biology

The IBAF pertains to the CNR Department of "Earth System Science and Technology for the Environment". It was established in 2002 joining  the Institute of Agroforestry (IAS) of Porano, the Institute of Biochemistry and Plant Ecophysiology (IBEV) of Montelibretti (Rome), and the Center for Studies of Biology and Control of Plant Pests of Legnaro (PD). In 2004 it joined IBAF the research group of the Institute of Territory Planning and Management (IPIGET) while in 2007 IBAF activated at Cinte Tesino (TN) a Research Unit by Thirds Parties  to study "Environmental Change in the Mountain Territory"

The Institute of Agro-environmental and Forest Biology  is headquartered in Porano (TR), housed in the historical building of the park of Villa Paolina and includes three Organizational Units Support

  • Headquarter of Porano (TR), already Institute for Agroforestry;
  • Unit of Legnaro (Pd), already Study Center on Biology and Control of Plant Pests within the Faculty of Agriculture;
  • Unit of Montelibretti (Rome), already Institute of Biochemistry and Ecophysiology within the Research Area of Rome 1;
  • Unit of (NA), already Institute for Territory Planning and Management within the Research Area of Via Castellino

The IBAF scientific mission, according to the memorandum of association, is to carry out across its Organization Units the activities of basic and applied research on the following thematic:

  • Interactions between plants and the environment;
  • Anthropogenic effects on the ecological balance;
  • Biological and evolutionary processes and mechanisms in plants in relation to the environment;
  • Ecophysiological mechanisms and productivity of agricultural and forest plants.

The IBAF headquarters in Porano occupies a total area of about 1000 square meters, of which 270 square meters are occupied by several laboratories and the remaining space by administration, library, conference hall, representation and technical rooms. The laboratories are almost all organized according to the instrumental and analytical needs of researches within the structured contract organization or "commesse" of CNR research network.

The Legnaro Research Unit of the Institute of Agro-environmental and Forest Biology was founded in 1973 at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Padova as the “Herbicide Research Centre”, and in 1993 renamed “Research Centre for Weed Biology and Management” (CeBI).  The RU is still housed at the DAFNAE Department of the University of Padova.

The IBAF Unit of Naples is located in a temporary building of about 250 square meters, mostly used as utility rooms and offices for research activities on territory analysing, planning and development, reconstruction of historical landscapes with technologically advanced tools such as GIS, mathematical analysis, statistics and econometric.

The section of Montelibretti is located in the Research Area of Rome1-Montelibretti of CNR ( and consists of a main building of about 1000 sq.m., divided into offices and laboratories, and of the Mycology Lab that consists of a building of 120 sq.m., hosting the International Bank of Edible Saprophytic Fungi and of two greenhouses, large 64 sq.m. each, equipped with a conditioning system, besides other technical offices.