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National Research Council

Institute of Agro-Environmental and Forest Biology

Research activity

The research regards the study of wild food plants (alimurgic plants) linked to the traditions of Southern Veneto for the conservation of bio-cultural diversity. More specifically:

  • gathering of information by means of interviews, also videoed, with the collaboration of dialectologists, for the creation of an ethno-botanical database;

Research activity

Diffuse and point-source pollution from herbicides are being studied, with particular regard to mitigation techniques.

The diffuse pollution sources being studied are runoff and drift.

Research activity

The research involves the setting up of programmes of integrated weed management, also using innovative cropping systems, and evaluation of the cost-benefit ratio of the various options.

Projects with industry

The investigation techniques are typically multidisciplinary and the approach is holistic. Expertize is also provided by researchers in industry and by colleagues in Italy and abroad.