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Green Infrastructure: nature based solutions for sustainable and resilient cities

4-7 April 2017 - Orvieto, Italy - Palazzo dei Congressi (Piazza del Popolo)




gi finalconf orvieto 2017


Applications are open! Registration and abstract submissions are now available here


Quality of life in European cities and in most of the world is decreasing due to an increase of pollution levels, increase of heat islands, decreased biodiversity, flooding and extreme events also related to climate change. This can have detrimental effects for human health and well-being. At the same time cities are a large source of carbon and only a few attempts are underway to improve carbon sequestration at local level.

Green Infrastructure (GI) with particular focus on Urban Forests can contribute to the improvement of the urban environment through a number of mitigation actions. This is especially valid for the tree component of vegetation due to larger biomass and extended canopies.